Special Reads for Special Needs

with Natalie Hale


Natalie Hale is an award-winning author, an innovative educator, parent of an adult son with Down syndrome, and for over 20 years, a national speaker on the topic of teaching reading to learners with Down syndrome and other developmental delays.

In this day-long sequence of lectures and hands-on breakout sessions, Natalie Hale will lead through an effective plan to teach reading to learners of any age with Down syndrome, and provide immediately applicable teaching tools. The provided information is also relative to other diagnoses involving developmental delays, e.g.: ASD, PDD-NOS, and Autism. Natalie will cover in detail the most effective methods, materials, and motivational tools. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, current best practice, the optimal order of learning to read, sight word learning vs. phonemic awareness, teaching nonverbal children, teaching older non-readers, errorless testing techniques, how to engage and build motivation, the Fast Flash method, comprehension tips, and guidelines for creating personal books and modifying trade books.

We invite our families, professionals, and educators to this amazing program!