Down Syndrome Activities & Programs for All Ages and Stages

Explore down syndrome activities and programs below & discover something for every age and stage of down syndrome.


New Parents and Early Childhood

In the early years of parenthood with a down syndrome baby, there is a whole new world to explore. See how DSACF can help you connect with our down syndrome centric community.


DSACF helps families plan for the future so their loved ones with Down syndrome can live increasingly productive, happy, and independent lives. See how.

Kids and Adolescents

Between school choices, potty training, and growing up, DSACF can help you stay on top of the latest down syndrome resources for your child.

Teens and Young Adults 

Making friends, coming of age, and transitioning out of school can be overwhelming for our down syndrome loved ones. Get connected with tools to make it easier.

All Ages

Bring along the whole family! These Down Syndrome programs are applicable to every age and stage.

What Can DSACF Do for Your Family?

Down Syndrome Support, Resources, & Family Fun

Whether you're a parent searching for resources for your down syndrome child or other loved ones, with our down syndrome activities list above, you can find something for everyone in your family!

  • Resources for Parents with a Down Syndrome Child
  • Activities for People with Down Syndrome  
  • Activities for Down Syndrome Adults 
  • Events and Games for Kids with Down Syndrome
  • Down Syndrome Life Skills Activities
  • Down Syndrome Family Activities
  • And More Down Syndrome Support Programs!

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