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Development Manager

Amy Drow

Amy has a BS degree in Event Management from UCF and has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. Amy began volunteering in high school with Best Buddies and received the "Florida Friendship of the Year Award” and has since loved the nonprofit world. Amy has several certifications including CPR AED, ServSafe & T.I.P.S. At DSACF, Amy spends her time working on major events and fundraising.  She has always loved kiddos with something a little “extra" since her older brother is blessed with Down syndrome! 


Program Coordinator

Shannon Boon

Shannon has a degree in psychology and many years’ experience working in nonprofits serving individuals with disabilities. She is aunt to Louis, who happens to have a little something extra! She loves working with people and finding new ways to help

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Program Coordinator

Joanna Rodgers, Entrepreneur Academy, Buddy Up Tennis



Whitney Michielssen

Friendship Club


Board of Directors

Janet Benge, President

Lynn Cyr, Vice President

Sean DiMercurio CPA CGMA, Treasurer

Allison Mitchell, Secretary

Catherine Davey, J.D., LL.M.

 Byron Lawson

Erin Hagood

Kieran Hill

Ben Johnson-Markve

Diane Levine

Edward J. Schwob III, Esq.

Medical Advisory Board

Comprised of physicians, psychologists, therapists, and other health care professionals who have an interest in and/or experience in caring for individuals with Down syndrome and are familiar with accepted standards of various general and subspecialty care of individuals with Down syndrome.

Dr. Sam Smith, Chair

Dr. Lynda Pollack

Dr. Jennifer Tucker

Dr. Julie Denham

Dr. Sheryl Logan

Dr. Aditi Dagli