Meet Our CEO's

Meet some of our CEO's and take a look at their products!


Maddie's Corner

Custom artwork

I am excited to sell my artwork. My friend, Deborah Batz, is the artist who made the pictures for me to color and change into my artwork. I love them, they are so pretty, and they can make you smile because of all the pretty colors. 

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Doggie Delights by Allison

Healthy homemade dog treats

Doggy Delights by Allison LLC came together as a result of many factors.  In October of 2017 Allison and her parents moved from IL to FL, just when the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida started an Entrepreneur Academy. Valuable guidance was gained, as well as brainstorming and networking are important components of the Academy.  Moving into a 55+ community where many neighbors have one or more dogs brought about the idea of dog treats.  Allison wanted to have a job that lets her work when she feels well and utilizes her best skills and talents.

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Raquel Beautiful

Personally made jewelry

I'm Raquel Caramello, CEO of Raquel Beautiful.  I have Down syndrome and last year I was diagnosed with leukemia.  I fought through the cancer and chemotherapy, but it was hard and my hair fell out.  When I was sick and had no hair I didn't feel beautiful.  I want everyone to feel beautiful and valuable so I started Raquel Beautiful to do that! I make hand created and custom designed jewelry and t-shirts, each with a special note that says "You are beautiful!"  Thank you for sharing the message that You Are Beautiful! I hope every time you wear one of the Raquel Beautiful products that you remember the beauty within you!

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