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Self-Advocate and CEO...

This program is for teens and adults with Down syndrome who are interested in learning how to start their own micro-enterprises and implementing what they learn! The program begins with a 6 week, once a week evening class. In this Entrepreneur Bootcamp, experts in the field review various topics ranging from brainstorming the idea, to evaluating the market, to advertising to your market, to actually producing and selling a product. To best empower the self-advocate, participants’ parents are required to attend concurrent sessions during the 6 week bootcamp. CEO's (self-advocates) and Sidekick's (parents and siblings) have homework and planning worksheets that are designed to be completed together each week! Once the business is up and running, the group meets monthly for check-in's.

Our Impact...

  • Only 17% of adults with Down syndrome are employed, but not because they lack the ability to work.

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 allows individuals with disabilities to be employed at subminimum wage rates.

  • The poverty rate for working-age people with disabilities is 22.3% higher than those without disabilities.

DSACF Entrepreneur Academy gives individuals with Down syndrome a path towards productive adulthood and financial independence by empowering them with the education and skill training to start their own business. This life-changing program is the first of its kind in the nation for people with Down syndrome, and sets a new standard for how communities empower individuals with disabilities.

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