The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida is an accredited and award-winning not-for-profit association founded in 1991 by parents of children with Down syndrome. It has grown from a few families to over 1,200 individuals with DS and their families. We serve families in an area of over 10 counties with help from more than 17,000 friends, professionals, volunteers and other supporters. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors. More than 50% of our board members have family members with Down syndrome.

DSACF is the leading voice for all individuals with Down syndrome and their families. We offer hope, encouragement and acceptance through advocacy, education and awareness as we guide individuals with Down syndrome through life’s transitions. Together, we create a Central Florida community composed of and dedicated to individuals with Down syndrome – and those who love them – so that each may realize their potential.

View our financial information on Guidestar, where the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida is a Gold Level Participant.

Our commitment to transparency has also led us to seek accreditation through the Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action, a rigorous vetting process.

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I was really excited about this opportunity from the first time I heard about it, and am so thankful that I got to be involved. I didn’t know what to expect when I came to my first book club meeting, but this experience was more amazing than I could’ve ever imagined. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was always, without a doubt, the highlight of my day - and sometimes of my week. Getting to know Dr. Becht and the [adults with Down syndrome who are] members of the book club was a privilege that I am so thankful for. Each week was unique and exciting as we shared new stories, experiences, and lots of laughs. The book was always the main focus of the night, but this was so much more than just a book club. It was bonding, laughing, and creating friendships. It was meeting new people, trying new foods, and continuing to learn something new every day. I feel so lucky to have found this opportunity and genuinely look forward to continuing my connection with DSACF. The night of book club quickly became my favorite night of the week, and I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to have that again.
— Volunteer Testimonial
On behalf of my son and I, we wanted to send a letter of thanks for [the opportunity to go on] the wonderful trip to Universal. My son and I had a delightful time. I was on rollercoasters till the sky got dark. That says a lot for a 55 year old woman. My son enjoyed the shows, rides, and meeting the characters. The opportunity was fantastic. We applaud all you do for our kids and families.
— Parent Appreciation Letter
Thank you for [the opportunity for] another fun day at Universal. We all had the best day that we’ll never forget, especially [our son] Chase! Thanks again!
— Family appreciation letter
I know we had the opportunity to speak after the music class and to reiterate, the panel discussion regarding school choice was greatly beneficial. The panel reviewed public school choices, mainstream and contained classroom settings, private school funded through the McKay Scholarship, and options through the Gardiner Scholarship, such as homeschooling. I appreciated the entire session, but I left with two take home points. First, like I mentioned before, I heard the parents remind me that while the goal for school remains to promote inclusion, the most important school setting will be the one where Dawson will flourish the most, and it is ok if it changes from year to year. Secondly, being actively involved as a parent in Dawson’s class and school is so important to show my support of the school and teachers.
— Conference Attendee Note

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