2013 Hall of Fame Teams

Thank you thank you thank you — Hall of Fame 2013 Teams

All teams raising more than $1,000 will be recognized here and in DownTown, the DSACF newsletter. Thanks to you all for stepping up for Down syndrome!

AJ and the Genetics

All About Addison

Andi’s Pumpkin Patch

Ashley’s Angels

Bethany’s Bees

Britt’s Blossoms

Caleb & Company

Callie 54

Cruising for Kaitlyn

Devon’s Dreamers

Elijah’s Allstars

Emerson’s Entourage

Ferris’ Funky Bunch

Hannah’s Bananas

Hunter’s Heroes

Javon’s Java Jitterbugs

Journey with Joshua

K Train

Lucas’ Sky Walkers

Maddie’s Movers

Nathaniel’s Nation

Raising for Remy

Rollins CDC Tars

Sean’s Guardian Angels

Shayanne’s Supporters

Shea’s Parade

Taylor’s Titans

Team Enrique Ramos

Team Isaac

Team Madi


Team Wilder

Will’s Wingmen

Wils’ Grape Nehi’s