For Medical Professionals

These resources are designed to assist doctors and medical professionals who care for patients with Down Syndrome or are trying to provide guidance to new parents with an infant with Down Syndrome.

Latest Pediatric Healthcare Guidelines

Released July 25, 2011 the latest healthcare guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, click here.

Healthcare Provider Training

Healthcare Provider Training – the DSACF offers a 5-60 minute presentation for healthcare professionals that includes Down syndrome health care guidelines, diagnosis do’s and don’ts, resource lists, growth charts and more. Contact Amy Van Bergen.

Changing Lives Program

More information on the Changing Lives program for health care professionals.

Downtown – Our Quarterly Newsletter

The DSACF publishes an information-packed newsletter four times each year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) as well as special editions. DownTown is the voice of the DSACF and its members and welcomes submissions from parents and other family members, professionals in the field of Down syndrome and more.

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