For Educators

For Educators

These resources are designed to assist teachers and educators cater to the unique needs of children with Down Syndrome.



The DSACF is committed to meeting the needs of education professionals working with students with Down syndrome. By joining the DSACF, you will have access to resources you can use, learn about successful programs and keep up with the latest research-based curriculum for students with Down syndrome.

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Disability Awareness Presentations

Disability awareness presentations for the classroom-the DSACF offers a 15-90 minute presentation on disability awareness, circles of friends, inclusion and other topics for schools. Whether you home school, are a private or public school, preschool to university, the DSACF will cater to your needs.

Special Teaching Literacy Skills Workshops

Special workshops on Teaching Literacy Skills to young children with Down syndrome, sign language workshops, and more are offered throughout the year for Early Interventionists, future teachers, and current private and public school educators. See Event Calendar for dates.

Downtown – Our Quarterly Newsletter

The DSACF publishes an information-packed newsletter four times each year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) as well as special editions. DownTown is the voice of the DSACF and its members and welcomes submissions from parents and other family members, professionals in the field of Down syndrome and more.

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